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Barb, Psychic Medium – read the next instalment of this exciting story

Barb, Psychic Medium – final

An amazing story of transition from public servant to a psychic medium.

Last week, I shared a fascinating story with you about Barb Meynell who, as a mature woman, realised she had gifts that would change her life. She tentatively started doing some readings while maintaining her full time public sector role. She came to understand that there was another calling that she needed to pursue. Many people are very appreciative that she did. Read on to see how Barb describes what it is like to be a psychic medium and how she helps herself develop professionally.

The nitty-gritty of how it all works

 When I asked her to describe what it is like to deliver the readings, and if she recalls them after it’s over, she said,

Yes, I hear things, picture things, feel things. I don’t remember the readings afterwards. It’s like you channel. Sometimes, before a reading, I experience some preliminary messages or images.

Does she have any no-go zones?

She explained, she hadn’t really been too challenged, although, ‘I have heard some unusual stories that have me taking a deep breath.’

Does she ever draw a blank?

No. I just turn up to a reading or a party – I can’t pre-empt the questions.

It took a while for Barb to deal with critics and sceptics. Now she just accepts that there are disbelievers and tells them this is fine.

It’s funny, I’ve had that scepticism at shows, then after a 15 minute read, they ask for my card and book a reading!

Are people wary of her because they are fearful of her engaging her psychic abilities when talking to them?

There can be a stigma about saying you’re a psychic in some places. People say “what are you seeing?”  But unless they’ve asked me to do a reading, I don’t have permission. Technically I could, ethically I won’t. I have strong ethics behind me.

 Professional development for psychics

A couple of years ago, Barb travelled to the UK to seek her own spiritual development and will go again in 2017. She attends a course at the Arthur Findlay College, a learning centre of spiritualism and psychic sciences, often affectionately referred to as Hogwarts. She’s there again right now!

Photo of Arthur Findlay College
Arthur Findlay College

She describes the course as:

two weeks thrown in the deep end. They really push you and you have to just channel. Last trip, I eagerly jumped up on stage and then was asked to bring a loved one through for someone who was sitting in the audience. I stepped on stage and when I lost my spiritual connection, I was rescued by the tutors, many of whom are in their 80s and have been mediums all their lives. They helped me re-connect with the spirit, telling me to physically step back into her on the stage.

I felt myself shift into the spirit and could describe even what she was wearing. As I was describing what I was feeling and seeing, a lady up the back raised her hand saying, “I think that’s my aunty!” This time, I know what I am up against this time.  There will be two groups of 30 participants. I’m attending an advanced course where you practise for 3 weeks, 7 days, 9am-9pm every day! 

Next steps – perhaps this is for you too?
Flyer advertising Barb's classes in psychic development
You can book in to Barb’s classes in psychic development

I asked Barb if she has plans beyond her trip to the UK. She explained that husband Bernie is helping to set up space where she can do some teaching; she might even run online courses and giant Skypes. Here is a brochure showing ow you can contact Barb for more information.


I coaxed Barb to share some final words:

I started off on this journey accidentally and was a bit scared of it – not old enough to get the Aged Pension, I knew I had to do something, and wanted to do something I love that doesn’t cost money. I’ve found something to do that’s a hobby. I can do this from anywhere at any time! I feel like I’ve gone round the world in a night when I’ve talked to someone in the UK and America. 

Because of my own personal journey, I now believe there’s an afterlife; I can’t deny it. I always sort of believed in reincarnation but now I just can’t deny it – it’s great to bring that relief to people, which is why I enjoy what I do.

There are so many ways in life to spend your time. I’m having an amazing time and I know I’m in a lucky spot. I am grateful; it’s fun.  I also thrive on seeing other people having success around me.

 Advice to women in transition

I encouraged Barb to tell me what she would say to other women who are contemplating following their heart to pursue a venture outside of their regular routine.

I acknowledge people being scared about retirement, however I believe there’s so many ways to approach it! It took about six months after leaving full time work for me to not feel guilty about not being at work.

I encourage people to recognise that the transition into retirement is a journey in itself. You think you’ve had a journey in life getting to this point, but every transition is a new journey.

 Thanks so much for your story Barb Meynell, from darkroom technician to enlightened spiritual guide.


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