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I am Beverley Streater one of the growing number of ‘classic’ women. We are women, over 50 years, who are mothers, daughters, partners, grandmas, sisters, wives, ex-wives, mates, cousins, aunties, nieces, mentors, confidantes.

Classic Women is a blog where you can:

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offer your point of view

read about other women

contribute your own story, or the story of someone else

pick up some handy writing tips from an experienced editor.

What can you get from this blog?

What do 50+ women care about? Well, the same things that affect all women, of course – health, spirituality, relationships, financial security, hobbies, friendships.

I invite you to interact with other classic women through this blog

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Who are we Classic Women?

We  have typically had a lifetime in the workforce as business owners, professionals, advisors, mentors, trainers, front line dynamos, back office gurus … we have earned the descriptors of ‘highest quality’, ‘outstanding’, ‘authoritative’ – or CLASSIC.

Thanks for coming along!