Why “Classic” Women?

Wikipedia defines ‘classic’ (adjective) as:

judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind. Its synonyms are ‘definitive’, ‘authoritative’.

As I tiptoe into the shallows of that great big ocean of retirement, I am struck by the confidence and awesomeness of the women I encounter. Please join me as I explore how retiring women experience this transition to the ‘third age’ on several levels – emotional, physical, financial.

Who am I to talk???

Since late last year, I have been on long-leave from my regular paid job. With the freedom of Mon-Fri, I have seized many opportunities to participate in weekday activities and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I really wanted to ‘try on’ the outfit of a retired individual. In seeking what I’m interested in, and how I could make a passable (alternative) living, I hiked up some no-through-roads.  I also made some fantastic new mates. In this blog, I will share my adventures, and I’ll invite people I meet to share their experiences – hope it will be inspiring for you, too.

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