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I wonder what ‘yarn bombing’ means?

Last week, we looked at the term meme.

This week, we will unravel ‘yarn bombing’ (pun intended!)

What is yarn bombing?

A Very Modern Dictionary  defines yarn bombing as:

A form of street art that uses knitted or crocheted yarn to decorate public spaces (rather than paint for instance). A distinctly hipster phenomenon that started to gain popularity in the mid-to-late 2000s. The practice has since lost its underground edge and has been co-opted by knitting clubs, with local governments commissioning works to be displayed at various locations such as public libraries.

Do we yarn bomb in Australia?

I fist came across ‘dressed’ trees in Canberra and then more recently in Melbourne which is recognised for its street art.

Photo of the week: Yarn bombing in Melbourne

Is there a social aspect to yarn bombing?

Then, at the beginning of July,  I spotted a recent news article in the Gold Coast Bulletin and felt so proud to be Australian. Local crafters yarn-bombed trees in a local park where homeless people tend to congregate. They hung warm and cuddly beanies and scarves in the trees to help people survive cold Winter nights.

Yarn bombing - Pic of scarves and beanies hanging in a tree in Southport

The knitters attached cards, saying “Just because you matter,” and “Everyone needs help sometimes. Please take a scarf or beanie to help you get through the night. Lots of love.”

How special is that!?

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