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What is non-surgical surgery?

Non-surgical solutions for our ageing faces

Have you noticed the increase of advertisements for non-surgical body improvements?  I turned on a morning TV show recently – trying to get an update on a recent overseas disaster – and I encountered a segment where three women were perched on stools. Two of them had already had half their face treated with a smoothing cream. The third had the cream applied to her face as we watched. There was definitely a difference between the two sides of their faces, albeit very subtle. I privately hoped they’d get the other side done before they left the studio!

woman's face divided with vertical line showing different left and right side


Ads for these firming/smoothing preparations abound in newspapers and magazines. I love looking at the before and after shots  – sort of a ‘spot the difference’ exercise. While there may sometimes be a visible change in the number of lines on a woman’s face following the treatment. I think it’s cheating when the ‘before’ shot has the individual in a serious pose while the ‘after’ shows her smiling.


In July, Choice Magazine  asserted that non-surgical facelifts are phooey.

There’s skin smoothing and tightening, volume replacement and wrinkle reduction, but no non-surgical treatment is going to give you the same lifting results as surgery. You may look “fresher”, but don’t expect gravity-defying miracles!

woman peeling off a mask
Peel away the years

The article provides extensive information about things you can have done t your face – injectables, chemical peels, special light treatment. Again, they exhort you to seek advice and treatment from professionally accredited and experienced specialists.

And for something a little different…..

It seems it’s the breast enhancement you have that doesn’t involve a scalpel or general anaesthetic. Nicknamed the ‘Vampire Breast Lift’, the procedure comprises removal of (arm) blood which is manipulated to separate out the plasma which is then ‘pumped’ back into the breast tissue during two one-hour sessions.

photo of woman in yellow low-cut dress showing cleavageThis treatment purports to make our breasts shapelier, firmer and more sensitive (in a good way) to touch. As always, seek your options from a qualified and experienced practitioner.





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