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Travel tips – how to save money when travelling


Photo of Lisa standing at a lookout way up above the Danube River during her travels.
Travel – Lisa looking out to the Danube.

Last year, I interviewed two classic women, Cherie and Lisa, who shared their experiences of transitioning to retirement. Travel is an important aspect of retirement to both Lisa and Cherie.


Both ladies and their life partners are keen travellers. I remember Cherie taking Spanish lessons prior to their last trip to South America. Probably the most memorable souvenir Cherie brought home is the commitment to re-telling the story of some people she met overseas. She has started writing a novel to capture their story. Lisa and her husband enjoy also overseas travel. Lisa was totally enthralled by the story of a gentleman who had toured the Moselle region of Germany – “he showed us such enthusiasm that we were inspired to go to Europe.”  Before heading off, Lisa took German language lessons from a local lady at the Currumbin Eco Village coffee shop every Sunday morning.


Since interviewing Lisa and Cherie, I have encountered other women who are keen, and sometimes intrepid, travellers. One of the considerations they deal with is how best to manage/exchange their money when travelling. I have come across some great tips online recently and encourage you to have a look at these tips to save money when travelling.

Image of currency symbols eg Euro that may affect your travel

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