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Emerging young author Orrin Hurlbutt offers some positive feedback on his editing experience …

I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Beverley Streater‘s editing work first hand on my current project Specialist One. She has an exceptionally competent grasp of how the formal English Language is supposed to be used but more than that she has an amazing capacity of reading into an author’s works and being able to support the author’s vision (one who very often tends to break from formal English). She very competently worked with my project that is jargon-heavy of both fictional and non-fictional varieties and was essential to the state the project is currently in. Lastly, she has an exceptionally keen eye for how natural spoken language is expressed; rarely did I receive comments about “correct sentence” structure in regards to dialogue and only when crucial narrative information was lost in the usage of informal messy human speech.

March 23 2021

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