Finding your new tribe

At a function…newly retired: ‘…. and what do you do, Mel?’

Status update: newly retired. The shift away from being defined by work


We’re living longer, so it follows that we will spend much more of our adulthood in retirement than a century ago. Many Australian women who are now contemplating retirement have worked continuously for many years. It is common to be asked, ‘and what do you do, Mel?’ when first meeting people. If you have been defined for years by your working role, it feels a bit rough saying, ‘oh, I’m newly retired’, because you are so much more than just retired.

As you move from your work ‘tribe’ (and this is pretty scary!), you will be seeking your new identity and forging new relationships. You might grieve the loss of your (old) normal routine and struggle with the blank canvas that a week offers.

So let’s explore this a bit more – I’ll share some of my recent adventures and I’d love to hear about your experiences!

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