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Exercise – beyond deep water running

Beyond deep water running

Last year, I retired from full time work and started to exercise. Back in August, I shared my new deep water running adventures at the Palm Beach Aquatic Centre. 

Pics of the Palm Beach Aquatic centre

I continue to “tread water” every Tuesday morning. I  love the workout and feel very virtuous that I have braved the pool on these cooler Autumn mornings. Now I have added twice-weekly Yoga and Pilates to my gym repertoire. While continuing to benefit from the exercise, I get to enjoy the company of other gym members.

Ways gym owners can attract mature members to exercise more

After spotting an online opportunity to provide feedback to gym owners, I recently shared my experiences in a UK blog,which I encourage you to have a look at. While fluffing around this site, I also spotted some other interesting information  which suggests strategies for gym owners  hoping to attract older members.

The strategies include:

  • marketing the gym as a  potential social outlet for older people, providing a “good way of boosting motivation as it provides a wider support network, and will enable them to establish new relationships.”
  • reducing the fear factor by showing new members how to use the equipment.
  • respecting all paying members equally.
  • providing fitness classes with a range of intensity levels: “… vigorous activities that are suitable for the over 65s include high intensity aerobics, swimming, dancing, and martial arts, while recommended moderate activities include cycling, water aerobics, and walking on a treadmill. However, older adults should also be doing strength-building exercises, such as yoga, Pilates, and weightlifting.”

Your story

I would love to raise awareness among Classic Women readers about the benefits of  belonging to a gym. So I was wondering: do you have a story to share about an experience at a gym?


Pics of people doing yoga and weights
Gym is FUN!



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