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Can we control the ‘visible signs’ of ageing?

What are international experts saying about controlling the ‘visible signs’ of ageing?

Are you interested in TV ads about  this cream or that serum to minimise the ‘visible signs’ of ageing. But what is going on in the research into ageing?

The Irish Times recently reported that doctor and author Sara Gottfried has reversed the ageing process in her body.

When she was 44 years old, she had her telomeres tested. Telomeres are little markers at the end of our chromosomes which shorten as we age. When Sarah’s test returned the biological markers of a 64 year old, she decided to do something to slow this shortening process.

While researching her recent book, Younger , Sarah confirmed the theory that women’s body fat rises after 35, body metabolism slows, and fat lost is from our face, not our belly.

She started taking collagen hydrolysate and drinking collagen lattes and saw a dramatic improvement in her skin elasticity. She also made lifestyle changes in response to genomic sequencing that showed she was predisposed to banking fat and insulin resistance. She agrees with the epigenetics theory that, while the genes we have inherited affect our body, we can make lifestyle and diet choices that modulate our body’s ageing.

Sara is had her telomeres tested again when she was 49 and found she had the telomeres of a 52-year-old.

Histories of Healthy Ageing- Netherlands

Meanwhile, the town of Groningen in the Netherlands is gearing up for a conference in June called the Histories of Healthy Ageing, which looks at how ageing has been a topic of interest and research for generations. The themes of the conference are drawn from the six Hippocratic themes of: Airs, waters and places; Food and drink; Sleeping and waking; Motion and rest; Excretion and retention; and Passions of the mind. I really would love to attend!




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  1. Love the article! I need to find those collagen lattes (or hot chocolates) my favourite ♥ Also, we are so focus on the way we look outside, I believe we really should start with a healthier eating and lifestyle first and move on to the outside. Great article. I can’t wait to receive more of your posts in my emails. Have a lovely Sunday !

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