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The value of telling your story: your turn to tap at the keyboard and share

Calling Classic Women  – you know who you are! Come and share your stories.

So many women believe their story is not interesting to others and this is frankly untrue.

The value of sharing our story is immense. Do you remember a time when you were perhaps struggling with raising a teenager, training a new puppy, cranking up a new business, settling into a blended family?  These were typically times of transition and change for you. And do you remember the relief you felt when you heard about others who were dealing with similar challenges? Yes, you felt more ‘normal’, perhaps less alone.

This is something we can do for each other. We can share and we can listen, and sometimes we can offer support or advice. It all costs nothing.

So many platforms…

Today, more than ever, we have many ways to connect – social media has given our stories wings. We can share through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. We can talk through the ubiquitous mobile phone, even see each other while we chat across Facetime or Skype.

I believe there is still a place for tales and I offer this platform for you to share your story beyond a quick post or tweet or snap.

So what’s involved?

Yes, I hear you! Where to start?

Some of us are natural story-tellers and it’s easy to sit and share with others or perhaps jot down some ideas. I love these people and naturally defer to them relating a story because I know they’ll do it more justice than my potted version.

If this is you, please send me your story!

Some of us like to be guided through a discussion with some careful and thoughtful prompts to expand (that’s me!)

If this is you, please contact me and let’s get going!

Some people are most comfortable with an outline, a framework, an agreement of what it’s okay to ask about and what needs to be left alone.

If this is you, please contact me and we can develop a plan!

Stories in the pipeline at the moment

You can read the story of my very first Classic Woman, Cherie Bombell. Next came my new friend, Lisa Raimondo. 

In June, I published a two-part story about Barb Meynell, a former public sector worker who discovered a deep spiritual talent and who has become renowned locally and farther afield as a gifted psychic.


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