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Assistive technology will improve the chances of older people staying home

Disadvantaged Aussies
Did you know that the Therapeutics Good Administration prevents Australian companies from promoting the medical benefits of assistive technology? This makes it difficult for people to make informed choices about aids that will make life easier.

Have a look at this article by the Community Care Review, which is a conversation with UK-based entrepreneur and educator Dr Barend ter Haar.

Assistive technologies
So what do I mean by the term ‘assistive technologies’? It’s an industry term that refers to ‘things’ that make life easier when a person has some obstacles to everyday life. For instance, opening jars…my mother used to run said jar under hot water and if that failed she anchored the jar in the door opening and twisted. Now there are magic devices that make the job effortless!

Woman struggling to open jar

Other assistive aids include bedsheets that allow people to move freely in bed, sheepskin products and pressure monitors.

Want to know more? Calling OTs!

I hope to attract comments from Occupational Therapists and perhaps provide links to information that might help you.

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